Te lo Digo Cantando (7)

*Sigh* Algo me dice que no te acuerdas, como es usual. Pero yo si me acuerdo y como esta canción es HERMOSA, te la regalo, guárdala bien porque esta vez es importante para mi. Gracias por acompañarme, por darme vida, por enseñarme tantas cosas y en especial por hacerme sonreir un 70% de las veces y en aumento ^^


I heard someone say
“If there is love, there’s peace”
and one may agree with that, or not

Whenever I was in pain
you’d hold me closely
And it was in the warmth of those
arms that I felt peace

But then I you stopped talking to you and closed
off my heart, this love was torn apart

*This time I don’t
let go off my heart
Because the power of belief
will set love free

When you helped me as a friend
I imagined our future together
And though I saw happiness in store for us
I did’t see my own issues

Though our we said our promises would be our compass
we lost sight of the direction this love was going in

**Instead of waiting for a miracle
I want you to hold onto my hand
Because the power of belief
will set me free

You don’t have to fear this love
You don’t have to fear this love,this love

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Beta chan dijo...

sigue asi, igual de linda...

ahora.. quiero gomitaaassssssssssss

Shan dijo...

Ha!!!! No me había dadoc uenta que me tienes en la votacion XDq ue honor!!! Gracias por todo linda!!!

Bonita cancion...

Küsse Shan